CPB Compliance Document

Grand Valley Public Radio CO Inc. dba KAFM 88.1 Community Radio

Grand Valley Public Radio CO Inc. dba KAFM 88.1 Community Radio holds license for public radio station 88.1 FM, Grand Junction Colorado. KAFM complies with Section 396 (k) (4) of the Communications Act by providing notice to the public before holding public meetings of the Board of Directors and meetings of the members, and the Community Advisory Board. Notice of these public meetings is posted on the website kafmcommunityradio.org.
In addition, all such meetings, are posted on our website and that meetings are open to the public. This meets the CPB requirement that this information is conveyed on 7 consecutive days prior to each meeting.
Subject to reasonable limitations (such as size of available meeting space), all members of the public are permitted to attend any of the meetings above without condition such as registration or providing any personal information. All or portions of any board or committee meeting may be "CLOSED" to the public in the event matters relating to individual employees, proprietary information, litigation or other matters which are confidential upon advice of counsel or financial information obtained on a confidential basis, or other matters deemed by the board to be inappropriate for public disclosure. If a meeting is closed, an explanation will be disseminated in the same way that an open meeting is posted, following the meeting.


KAFM makes accessible a series of public documents and information as part of our commitment to honoring our Federal Communications Commission (FCC) license and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) requirements, which provides a portion of our annual support. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us.

KAFM includes the following in the CPB folder of its public file:

Community Advisory Board

KAFM holds at least two but optimally six Community Advisory Board meetings each year. Community Advisory Board membership and minutes of the meeting will be kept in the CPB folder in the public file and on KAFM’s website.

The Community Advisory Board has a distinct membership from the organization’s governing Board of Directors.

KAFM strives to ensure that Members of the CAB represent a diverse cross-section of the community.

Minutes of the meeting indicate that the CAB is performing its primary functions under the CPB rule:
1. establish and follow its own schedule and agenda, within the scope of the community advisory board's statutory or delegated authority;
2. review the programming goals established by station;
3. review the community service provided by the stations;
4. review the impact on the community of the significant policy decisions rendered by the station; and
5. advise the governing board of the station whether the programming and other significant policies of the station are meeting the specialized educational and cultural needs of the communities served by the station. The advisory board may make recommendations to the governing board to meet those specialized needs.


Licensees and Permittees of public broadcast stations with fewer than five full-time employees are not subject to the reporting and public records requirements in provision of Section 396 (K) (11) of the Communications Act. KAFM does not meet the five-full-time-employee threshold (i.e. has fewer than five). As such, the FCC EEO Public File Report complies with the FCC's EEO rule and is posted on the website, with a copy placed in the Public Inspection File of the station. It is the policy of KAFM to comply with all FCC and CPB EEO requirements. KAFM does submit annual statistical reports regarding employment to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Donor Lists and Political Activities 

1. KAFM will comply with all current laws and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service, and with all other applicable Federal law or regulations governing political activity and lobbying.
2. KAFM will not sell, rent, lease, loan, trade, give, donate, transfer or exchange its membership or donor names with any outside organization for any purpose.
3. KAFM maintains active control of its contributor and donor lists, and takes all appropriate measures to ensure against unauthorized use of such lists. The bylaws of the organization do not allow any use of its membership and contributor/donor lists by any outside parties.
4. The organization periodically reminds contributors/members/donors that its lists are never used outside of the organization.

Station Activity Survey

“The Voice of Our Community" 
Station Activity Survey for 2023

KAFM is a member-supported, volunteer-oriented community radio station dedicated to excellence and diversity in musical, cultural and public service programming. KAFM has, since its inception, had unwavering commitment to the entire Grand Valley of Colorado. In doing so, KAFM has filled a unique and critical niche as a public vocal platform and forum for the citizens of the Grand Valley. 

KAFM fills a vital role in the Grand Valley of Western Colorado as an accessible forum for the presentation of music, arts, culture and information by and for the local community. A large part of our focus is on our in-house produced Community Affairs Show that airs daily with interviews and information about, and for, local charities and nonprofits, schools, educational resources, public health services, civic leaders and organizations, and area businesses that provide essential services in the communities we broadcast to. 

KAFM produces cultural and informational content through daily features and segments, including; The Community Affairs Show, Mesa Money Minute, Kids’ Stories, Crimestoppers, and the Entertainment Calendar. We also air daily ongoing syndicated features that focus on issues related to our community that include; Health in a Heartbeat, Science & the Sea, Sound Beat & Earthdate.

KAFM provides over 300 non-profits in Mesa County, Colorado a platform to share information through our Daily Magazine Show “The Community Affairs Show.” The Community Affairs Show is Produced by volunteer Producer and Director, Jeff “Coach” Schuldner,” schedules a vast variety of Directors and Experts to share their stories and resources with our listeners. 

This was the 3rd year of the very much needed Mental Health Show, titled “Mind Matters”.  Mind Matters airs monthly about topics of mental health resources. Inviting mental health related local non-profits to participate so that we can share their information with the local community. We partner with The Fruita Area Chamber and Palisade Chamber with monthly show segments and networking events for local businesses. 

Community Affairs Shows include; Western Slope Outdoors, Behind the Barrel, Guys and Gals Giving Clubs, Grand Junction’s Art Center State of the Arts, Family - Friends, & Neighbors, PBS in Tune, Crucial Questions, The Lost Theater Troupe, Legal Brief, Housing Matters, City of Grand Junction Seasonal Hiring, Colorado West Performing Arts, The Voice of D51 - School District, Diggin' the Garden, VET Talks, DHS and Mesa County Workforce Center, The Senior Corner - Meals On Wheels, In Good Health, Our Grand History, Grand Junction Currents, Mobile Mesa County, The Downtown Show, Fresh Cafe, Responsible Recreation, Arts - Parks and Community, United We Win and many more.

Each show is provided with a Podcast and is available for download and for rebroadcast on KAFM’s website. Interviews with nonprofits are made into Podcasts, and in the last seven years, over 150,000 podcasts were downloaded for our non-profit organizations worldwide. In 2023 our podcast downloads equaled 7,661. Our hosts and guests share the podcasts and we also utilize our website and social media channels to post Podcasts and connect on social media with hosts and organizations.

We collaborated once again with The Gay & Lesbian Organization of Colorado, in 2023 for a Matching Monument Member Grant. We were able to increase our monthly sustaining members through the week-long campaign during our 2023 Fall Fund Drive.

We continued our collaboration with Colorado Mesa University for a monthly program featuring guests from the college academics, arts, and athletics departments. We have an ongoing Internship Program for Colorado Mesa University Students. In the past 4 years we have had a minimum of one Intern per semester. These internships have led to 3 interns being hired on the KAFM’s staff.

This year we received grants from diverse organizations such as The Gay & Lesbian Organization of Colorado, Fidelity Charitable Foundation, Western Colorado Community Foundation, the Jewish Community Foundation of Phoenix/The Ellen and Jere Friedman Donor Fund, The City of Grand Junction and Charities Aid Foundation of America.

We saw an increase in inquiries about health care through our weekly segments with Mesa County Public Health and our Mental Health Show, Mind Matters. Our messaging was directed at providing information on area resources for mental health, drug addiction, homelessness and well checks.

Our Mental Health Show is in collaboration with NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives. We have received phone calls and letters thanking us for the information.

Included among the non-profit organizations we support through on air messaging and interviews are:

Disabled persons: Colorado Discover-ability, Strive, Hilltop Resource Center and we partner with ARC Thrift stores giving them 20% of all car donations.

Education, K through 12:  Riverside Educational Center, Community Impact Council, Museum of Western Colorado, local Rotary Clubs, the Lions Club, Western Colorado Community Foundation, D51 schools, Independence Academy, and also our “Kids’ Stories” program where Junior high students write stories and with a retired D51 teacher, come to KAFM to record and produce their Stories.

Alcohol/Drug/Substance Abuse:  Mind Springs Health, Mesa County Suicide Prevention, Colorado Behavioral Health Task Force, Hilltop Resource Center, United Way Mesa County and NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Housing and Homeless Shelters:  Homeward Bound and their 2nd Facility opening with Interviews and participated in their promotional video, Child & Migrant Services, the Joseph Center.      

Recreation and Sports: Grand Valley Outdoors, Colorado Parks and Rec, Colorado Parks & Wildlife, Grand Valley Outdoors, City of Grand Junction Parks and Recreation.

Senior Citizens & Aging:  Boomers & Beyond, Colorado Parks & Rec, Hilltop Resource Center, United Way Mesa County, Meals on Wheels, Assisted Living and . 

Youth Development activities:  We sponsored The Grand Junction Kids’ Write On and Art Beat competition and invited first place winners as guests to read their submissions on air.

We continued construction on a new ADA Compliant studio in our building, with a finish date expected in Spring 2024. This studio will make it possible for those with disabilities to access the studio and be part of our Community Affairs Show, or become a Broadcaster.. This studio will also be equipped for Sight Impaired. The Studio will enable KAFM to rent for Podcasting, additional Production for Producing Underwriting Spots and for Video Production of NPR Live Sessions, we will also be able to broadcast LIVE shows from this studio.

We were able to participate in NPR Live Sessions to offer exposure to artists on a national level. NPR Live Sessions is video tapped "acoustic and unplugged" live music sets and/or interviews for streaming on KAFM’s NPR Live Sessions City Page.

We held 15 live performances during the 2023 Radio Room Concert Series. We were able to hire an independent contractor to manage the Bookings and oversee all of the shows in The Radio Room. 

In 2023 we partnered with a local Vineyard to host 5 Summer Concerts at their Venue to benefit local charities. Each show was a fundraiser for nonprofits; Mesa Partners, La Plaza (formerly Child & Migrant Workers), and Colorado Discover Ability. 

For a second year KAFM  partnered and co-hosted The Western Slope Cowboy Gathering; a two day event of cowboy poetry and live music performers. 

We were also able to continue our branding of the station and further develop our new website. We conducted two fundraising mailings and held our most successful Holiday Open House to date. 


Our Board President and Executive Director, participated in a 6 month long CCI Program with a group of Board Presidents and Executive Directors around the country for the 2023 CCI training.

The (CCI) Circle of Engagement Module is a fast track to creating a strategic framework for community radio stations.  There were 4 small group discussions and one-on-one coaching led by Sally Kane (NFCB President).  And there were 3 modules staggered in 3-month blocks.

SCG Nonprofits/Sociocracy for All and The Equity Project were the consultant partners for the Governance and Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) modules respectively.  

In November 2023 KAFM’s Board Retreat was facilitated by Cyrus White of SCG Non Profits. Mr. White presented to the Board 

“Thank you, Cyrene, for your outstanding participation in the DCG module this year. I appreciate your thoughtful questions and insights. I know Elva also valued having you in the initial learning group. You and your colleagues at KAFM are doing work that matters. I can’t wait to see what you make possible.” ~ Cyrus White



Diversity Statement 2023

The following information is presented in response to the request by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for a brief statement of the diversity goals Grand Valley Public Radio, Inc., the licensee of KAFM.
The service area for KAFM 88.1 includes Grand Junction, Fruita and Palisade, plus small towns and unincorporated areas in Mesa County, Colorado.  Grand Junction is situated 247 miles west-southwest of the Colorado State Capitol, Denver.  As of the 2010 census, the population of the city was 58,566, making it the 15th most populous city in the State of Colorado and the most populous city on the Colorado Western Slope. Grand Junction serves as a major commercial and transportation hub within the large area between the Green River and the Continental Divide.  It is the principal city of the Grand Junction Metropolitan Statistical Area, which had a population of 147,083 in 2011.

Service Area Demographics:
91.78% White, 0.60% African American, 0.94% Native American, 0.76% Asian, 0.12% Pacific Islander, 3.81% from other races, and 1.99% from two or more races.  Hispanic or Latino of any race were 10.86% of the population and 13.8% in households of 65 years or older.
Diversity is important to the public service mission of KAFM, and those elements that receive the most attention through the station's programming are culture, ideas, music, community engagement, geographic location, gender and generation.  KAFM does not take a position on specific, controversial community issues, political perspectives or religious beliefs as part of its program service, although these topics are frequently covered in cultural and community affairs programming.

Through our community affairs programming, KAFM is consistently exposed to people, organizations and cultures across the community and these connections are utilized to recruit from and promote to various groups for the purpose of staffing, volunteers, membership on the licensee's governing board and other committees working on behalf of KAFM.  The station is conscious of the value of keeping diversity at the forefront of content planning and meaningful decision-making processes for the organization, but we should and do have goals to continue to improve 

To address and increase diversity KAFM will:
  • Maintain active membership in culturally diverse civic organizations
  • Seek input from members of the community and our audience on how to best meet personnel and topic/content diversity
  • Increase capacity to host events and programs that address a variety of cultural/ethnic/gender and generationally diverse populations
  • Ensure postings of staff openings, governing board positions and community advisory board participation options are promoted through diverse organizations and media that targets those organizations

Non-Discrimination Policy Statement 2024
It is the policy of the Board of Directors of KAFM Community Radio, that there shall be no unlawful discrimination or harassment against applicants for employment, employees or volunteers for the organization because of race or color, religion or creed, sex or gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, national origin or ancestry, age, physical or mental disability, military status, genetic information or other protected status.
Name Officer & Seat Phone & Email Employer & Position City/County of Residence Term Ends
Marianne Griffin President
Member Elected
Retired Grand Junction,
Mesa County
Julia Coffey Treasurer
Member Elected
Seeds Trust
Co-Owner, President
Grand Junction,
Mesa County
Linda Taylor Secretary Member Elected 970-201-9387
Retired Grand Junction,
Mesa County
Tamara King Member Elected 520-491-0572
Grand Valley Music Store
Grand Junction,
Mesa County

Name Job Title Hire Date Email Phone
Cyrene Jagger Executive Director 01/27/20
970-241-8801 x 207
c: 951-303-7536
Betty Ries Traffic Director 05/23/16
Betty@KAFMcommunityradio.org   970-241-8801  x 210
c: 303-257-3330
Katie Meyering Program Director 08/31/20
Katie@KAFMcommunityradio.org   970-241-8801  x 223
c: 970-433-6088
Ramona Winkeller Corp. Dev. Director 09/12/11
Ramona@KAFMcommunityradio.org   970-241-8801  x 201
c:  970-623-4159
Guy Curwick Music Director 11/27/23
970-241-8801  x 206
c:  970-712-0771
Robert Evans Radio Room Manager
High Note Productions
Vendor robert.evans.176@gmail.com c: 970-640-5989
Jeff “Coach” Shuldener Community Affairs Director PT (Vol) Coach@KAFMcommunityradio.org 970-241-8801 x 202
c: 970-256-1179
Joe Konicek Engineer PT (Vol) Joekonicek564@gmail.com c: 970-261-8102

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