Audio Espresso

Audio Espresso airs every Wednesday 9AM to 11AM.
Show Host Judy get's Wednesday mornings jump-started with a variety of all of your favorites.




I'm a proud native of Tennessee, growing up in Nashville after early childhood in the thick soulful air of Memphis. My mother loved Elvis and James Brown. My dad preferred country, classical and gospel. I sang in church choir and madrigal ensemble, and watched my parents write songs together at the piano after supper. I never imagined a life without music in it. How is that even possible? 
As a champion for both the artist and listener, I've been involved in everything from co-producing records to consulting for live music events. I believe the magic of a well-curated radio show is the ability to communicate with a minimum of talk. I try to put together playlists as if you were coming to my house to listen to records. After 20+ years of doing this, I still love the creative expression that live broadcast allows. Audio Espresso is a two hour mixtape of sorts. You'll hear everything from Elvis Costello to The Clash, Americana to R&B. 
I always feel a personal connection to the sound that is going out, hoping that someone hears "that one song" at just the right time.
Consummate outdoorist:  Big water. Piney woods. Red rock canyons. Fresh snow.  
Mandolin, guitar, writing and cooking keep me creatively focused and humble. 
Listening keeps me inspired. I hope you'll feel inspired as well.

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