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The KAFM Music Bureau Top Picks for 2016 - PJ's selections:

December 20, 2016
No doubt 2016 was a terrific year for new music!  We play a broad range of genres here at KAFM. A lot of it passes through the dedicated and diverse members of the Music Bureau, overseen by KAFM's Staff Music Director, Tori Miner.  It is catalogued, reviewed and rated before ultimately finding it's way to our on-air studio. Looking back on 2016, here are some of the Music Bureau's members top picks of 2016.  Up next, PJ, who hosts KAFM's "Desert Canyon Music".  

#1   Three Beards | Lessons Learned

"...good old-fashion Rock Music; refreshingly so. The songwriting, instrumentation, and vocals are all good throughout. Too bad there are only 5 songs..."


#2   Toronzo Canyon | The Chicago Way  

"...Searing guitar licks, expressive vocals, and original contemporary lyrics... exhilarating tracks...raw and soulful...TC has styles reminiscent of the best of Buddy Guy, Gary Clark, Jr. and the 3 King...good horns and B3 action in all the right places...A hidden jewel of the Chicago blues scene..."


#3   Eric Lindell | Matters of the Heart 

...if you like blues, soul, doo wop, R&B, MT, even a little country, this is for you...give this whole thing a good listen - it will not disappoint..."


#4   Waydown Wailers | Empty Promises

"...bluesy and more laid back..."

#5   Gnarly Feat | Gnarly Feat

"...good ol' fashioned Southern Rock with good, vocals, song writing, rhythm section, keyboards, and excellent guitars..."

*Note - Gnarly Feat's "Rita" is PJ's Song of the Year.

PJ's Best of 2016 | Honorable Mention:

1. Coral Creek | Coral Creek                    
2. Jim Duffey | Pale Afternoon                  
3. Bay Station | Go Out and Make Some  
4. Bob Rasero | Not Gonna Worry            
5. Darcy Malone and the Tangle | Still Life

Keep your radio tuned to KAFM as we continue to present the best in new music and emerging artists for 2017!
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